Eliza de Geus (b. 1989) is an artist living and working in Amsterdam. Her personal quest to understand the deeper dynamics of our existence in this world through her elaborate range of interests - metaphysics, philosophy, spirituality and foreign cultures - is continuously leading her to find answers, informing her art. Her work builds on the tradition of color field painting and abstract expressionism.

The main theme she is exploring in her work is the connection between oneself and “everything else”. She experiences painting as finding or emerging, sometimes all in one session and sometimes over a period of time, a practice partly inspired by Helen Frankenthaler’s and Sir Frank Bowling’s philosophy of painting. 

A great part of her practice consists of using paint deluded with water and ammonia and moving it around on the canvas. By moving the paint around, unpredictable results are created. The continuous unexpected and surprising effects of this practice and the process of being led by what emerges, result in each painting encompassing the concept of a co-creation. 

Eliza graduated in Tax Law (2013), but at the same time, she was always drawn toward creative outlets. After finishing her law dissertation on “Tax as a moral and social phenomenon”.  After receiving a scholarship from the NYFA she moved to New York and during her college year she was particularly fascinated by working with the Meisner technique which focuses on remaining present and engaged with the other scene partner. The time spent in New York inspired her immensely and she picked up her passion for painting when she returned to Amsterdam. She has been exhibiting since a couple of years and works together with St-Art Gallery Amsterdam. 



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