'Everyday is a new world' - 120 x 100 cm - acrylic paint, ink, acrylic gel on canvas. - Private Collection - Sold

These works are the result of a personal belief and an inner proces that sparked the desire to spread a message of hope, positivity and strength, but above all are intended to ignite our inner capacity to reach our potential. The paintings reflect the endless possibilities that are implicit in abstract painting as a form. Created with different materials like acrylic paint, ink, and acrylic gel, the abstractions are each part of a bigger story. Avoiding the constraints of a prefabricated image, yet within ‘the frame’ of her concept she describes the process of painting as working together with what emerges in the process of creation, a practice partly inspired by Willem de Kooning’s and Sir Frank Bowling’s philosophy of painting. She cites John Golding, Sir Frank Bowling, and Sam Gilliam as her artistic influences. The artworks are accompanied by Ben Okri’s poem, ‘Turn on your Light’ (1999), which marked a new millennium, but is equally relevant two decades later, as it is a message that should walk side to side by us always.

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